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Upholstery cleaning

Worried about the spots, stains and odors in your furniture? If you have kids, pets, or entertain family and friends often, your furniture may show it. Food, dirt, pet stains or hair, and anything that comes in contact with your furniture can leave your upholstery looking worn out and dirty. Trying to get rid of the stains and spots from your upholstery can be tiring and may permanently damage your furniture, as many fabrics require unique care while cleaning.


Small crevices in the cushions of your chairs or couches can be hard to reach and require specialty tools you don’t have access to. Keeping your home looking its best isn’t always easy, but with the help of a professional, you can really have furniture in your home that looks fantastic.

Think back to when you first bought your furniture and how wonderful the upholstery looked. You were proud of the appearance of your new furniture and were eager to host parties, meetings or family get-togethers.


Stubborn stains and odors in your upholstery don’t need to ruin the atmosphere in your home or the appearance of your furniture. It’s easy to get back the immaculate furniture you once loved with the help of Royal professional upholstery cleaning services. You can trust your upholstery to the skilled technicians at Royal Carpet Cleaning.


Using a carefully developed step-by-step process and proven cleaning techniques, the professionals at Modernistic can give your upholstery a deep clean while giving each piece of furniture the unique and specialized care it deserves.

Upholstery Cleaning Calgary

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