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How to Get Grape Juice Out of the Carpet

The first thing to remember is to act fast. When you’re attempting to remove any kind of stain from your carpet, time is not your friend. The quicker you start cleaning up, the more likely it is that you’ll be successful in removing the stain completely. When you’re learning how to get grape juice out of the carpet, remember that a wet stain is always less difficult to remove than a dried, “set” stain.

Before you start applying cleaning products, remove as much of the stain as you can by blotting it with a rag or cloth. It’s important that you blot, not rub, so that you don’t push the grape juice further into the carpet fibers.

When you’ve removed as much of the grape juice as possible through blotting, it’s time to gather some backup and finally learn how to get grape juice out of the carpet. Because moving quickly is key, we’re giving you a lot of different options. Hopefully you’ll have some of the tools on hand and won’t need to waste time with a trip to the grocery store. Here are your options:

– Liquid dish detergent and warm water. Mix one tablespoon detergent with two cups warm water. Apply until damp and blot up. Repeat if necessary and rinse. – Liquid dish detergent and hydrogen peroxide. Mix one tablespoon detergent with one cup hydrogen peroxide. Gently apply and blot up. Repeat if necessary and rinse.

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